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Memory Arts Cafe Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Our mission is to help older adults in our community with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias to maintain and/or improve their level of functioning so they can enjoy their later years.

We believe that human beings, regardless of age or degree of impairment, can benefit from continuing to participate in the life of a community where they are accepted and have opportunities to experience a sense of purpose and success. Our members are not pressured to be anyone they are not, and they are encouraged to be everything they can.

Memory Arts Cafe trip to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

What Caregivers Say About Us

"I think about you and the Center more than you can imagine. It is almost three years since Norman left us, but I still remain grateful for your care and devotion to my Dad when we needed the Center most. I know how many other families need your presence in this community and that is why I gladly donate to NY Memory Center in Norman's memory and in your honor. You all work so hard for so many. Thank you for the gifts you deliver to so many each and every day."

—Michael Marcus, 12/4/2019

"It’s such a welcoming place filled with people who want to be there and be there now."

—Peggy Hernandez


"My mom refers to the center as “her friends.” She says ‘I’m going to see my friends.” As a caregiver I feel great and comfortable about her coming here. She’s been coming since 2012 so she’s a Memory Center “veteran.”

—Wendy Watson

“It’s an excellent program to help our loved ones get out into the community and not be isolated.”

—Melanie Schwartz

See more about us on our History page.

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