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General / History

Where is NYMC located? Our address is 199 14th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11215, between 4th and 5th Avenues in the Park Slope neighborhood. We are closest to the F, G, and R subway trains at 4th Avenue / 9th Street.

When was NYMC founded? We were founded in 1983 as the Park Slope Geriatric Day Center, changing our name to New York Memory Center in 2011 to focus exclusively on supporting people affected by memory loss.

Who is the leadership of NYMC? Audrey Swanson, LMSW is the Executive Director of the New York Memory Center, joining us in January 2024 and a wealth of knowledge and experience from her years in similar programs for older adults. Susan Ramos is the Chief Operating Officer at NYMC. She has been part of the team since 2016 and is deeply committed to the Center's mission to offer the very best care for people affected by memory loss.

How is NYMC funded? NYMC is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. We receive grant support from the New York State Office for Aging (NYSOFA), various smaller grants from city and state sources, as well as revenue from program fees. We are also supported by generous donations from community members, families, and organizations - thank you!

Registration / Intake

What are the requirements for someone to join the Center? We ask that our members have a diagnosis of any kind of dementia, such as Alzheimer's disease. We understand it can be a long wait for a diagnostic appointment from a neurologist, so we want to work with your situation if you have not been able to do so. There is no age requirement.

How do I make an appointment to see the Center and have an intake interview? Please call us at 718.499.7701 or email us at to make an appointment. Walk-in appointments are not encouraged because staff may not be available to meet with you due to other commitments.

What do I need to bring to my intake interview appointment?

How long should I plan to spend for the intake interview? Intake interviews last approximately 90 minutes, but can vary based on the questions and unique needs of each family's situation.

Can I have an intake interview without the prospective member attending? No. All prospective members must attend the intake interview in-person, along with the primary caregiver and responsible person. This is to ensure the Center is a good fit for someone's needs and to include prospective members in the decision to attend.

Is there parking nearby? NYMC does not offer parking. Due to traffic conditions and construction projects, it can be very difficult to find street parking in the neighborhood. The nearest garage is located at 500 4th Avenue, at 12th Street. We do not validate or offer any parking discounts.

Is there an accessible entrance? Yes. While our 14th Street entrance has a few stairs, there is an accessible ramp via 13th Street for walkers and wheelchairs. Please contact us when you arrive for your appointment if you will need an accessible entrance.

Cost / Insurance

How much does the program cost? For our members paying privately, the current daily fee is $130.00 per program day, which goes from 9:30am to 3:00pm. Transportation is an additional fee of $20.00 for each ride, or $40.00 round-trip.

Do you take any insurance plans? Yes. New York Memory Center has contracts with several Medicaid managed long-term care plans (MLTC's) in New York State: VNS Health, HealthFirst, Anthem/Empire, Centers Plan, Senior Whole Health, and Fidelis Care at Home. Additionally, we also work with private long-term care insurance, and our service is generally covered under most policies (double check with your carrier).

Is there a sliding scale fee or other accommodations available based on financial need? Yes. For our members paying privately, there is a sliding scale fee based on the member's annual income. Details will be discussed during the intake interview appointment. Additionally, short-term grants are available from several caregiver support programs. Please see the Family Resource Program page (under the Programs menu above) for more information.

Do you offer a trial day for first time members? Yes. For first-time members, NYMC will waive the program fee for the first day of attendance. Note that transportation cannot be provided for the trial day.

What forms of payment are accepted? NYMC prefers payment of monthly invoices via credit card using a secure payment system. Arrangements to pre-pay by personal check can also be made. Cash is not recommended. It is not necessary to send payment each day.

Programs / Services

What are NYMC's days and hours of operation? Our business hours are Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 5:00pm. Program hours are Monday to Friday 9:30am to 3:00pm. We are closed on most major holidays.

Do you offer extended hours in the early morning, late afternoons / evenings, or on weekends? We regret that we are unable to offer extended hours at this time.

What is a day at NYMC like? Programs and activities at the Center encompass a wide range of physical, social, creative, and cognitive activities tailored to the diverse interests and talents of our members. This includes low-intensity exercise, hands-on art workshops, live music and singing, brain games, social programs, and special collaborations with our artists-in-residence and local museums and schools. New programs are continually being introduced to keep our calendar fresh and interesting. Please see our current monthly calendar linked on our home page for more details about all of our offerings! Note that activities may be subject to change without notice.

What languages does NYMC staff speak? Currently, staff at NYMC speak English and Spanish. If you speak another language, please let us know so appropriate interpretation arrangements can be made.

Is the NYMC staff trained in caring for people affected by memory loss? Yes. All staff receive training and education about Alzheimer's disease and related dementias as part of new hire orientation. The training includes understanding common symptoms and the challenges they create, communication skills, planning and adapting activities to connect with people affected by memory loss, and personal care support. Training is conducted by qualified NYMC staff as well as community organizations throughout NYC.

What kind of personal care support does NYMC offer to members? As a social-model adult day program, NYMC staff is trained to provide hands-on assistance to our members with mobility, transfers, eating, and toileting / continence care. Additionally, staff provide ongoing supervision and support throughout the day for concerns such as confusion, anxiety, wandering, and so forth. Please note that NYMC staff cannot provide personal care support such as bathing and grooming, wound care, blood sugar monitoring, medication management, and two-person transfers such as those requiring a Hoyer lift.

Is NYMC accessible for walkers and wheelchairs? Yes. Our facility is fully accessible for walkers and wheelchairs and is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. Please note that the lifts on our vehicles are currently out of service.

Can NYMC staff administer medication to members? No. However, we can provide a verbal reminder to members who bring a single, pre-measured dose of a prescribed medication to the program.

Can NYMC accommodate special diets and dietary preferences? Our food is catered from Russo's on the Bay. Meals are nutritionally balanced and some are vegetarian-friendly. However, note that the food is not Kosher or Halal. Additionally, NYMC staff will monitor food allergies and restrictions such as sugar, salt, and so forth.

Do you offer any special programs or events? Yes. Please check our website and follow us on our social media channels for announcements about special events, such as Memory Arts Cafes! (See the link under Programs above.)

What precautions does NYMC take for COVID-19? We understand that there may be concerns about the risk of exposure to and contracting COVID-19 or other illness while attending a group program such as ours. To reduce the risk, NYMC staff check temperatures at the time of pickup and ask about any cold or flu symptoms. At their discretion, NYMC staff may require a member to stay home if that member has a fever or reports symptoms of sickness. Please stay home if you are feeling unwell to keep everyone healthy!

How does the NYMC transportation program work? NYMC transportation operates on pre-planned routes based on members scheduled to attend on that day. NYMC staff on the vehicle will call a member's responsible party ahead of the pickup time to confirm the ride, approximately fifteen minutes ahead. Similarly, NYMC staff will also call a member's responsible party ahead of the drop-off time. The responsible party is expected to meet the vehicle at pickup and drop-off. Generally, members living farthest from the Center are picked up earlier and dropped off later. Pickups begin at about 8:00am for the morning trips, and drop-offs begin at about 3:00pm for the afternoon trips. Please visit the Transportation page (under the Programs menu above) for general information about the transportation program.

What time will transportation arrive for pickup and drop-off? Due to unpredictable factors such as traffic conditions, weather, and the planned number of stops based on attendance, it is not possible to determine exact pickup and drop-off times or offer a set schedule. We appreciate your understanding and patience during times of unexpected delays.

What neighborhoods does the NYMC transportation program serve? Currently, we offer transportation to most Brooklyn neighborhoods. However, due to distance and travel time, we are unable to provide transportation to and from the Williamsburg, Greenpoint, and Bushwick neighborhoods at this time. There is also no transportation into Manhattan, Queens, the Bronx, or Staten Island.

Is NYMC transportation walker and wheelchair accessible? At this time, the lifts on our vehicles are out of service. If you require accessible transportation, we suggest working with New York City's Access-A-Ride paratransit service, through the MTA. Call 877.337.2017 to speak with eligibility staff.

What is the cost of the transportation program? Each ride is a $20.00 fee, or $40.00 round-trip.

Can NYMC staff walk my loved one to the vehicle or to the front door? No. NYMC staff must remain with the vehicle and other members, and the driver must remain behind the wheel. Responsible parties are expected to meet members at the vehicle for pickups and drop-offs.

I am overwhelmed. How can NYMC help? We are here for you! Caring for someone affected by memory loss can be extremely stressful and bring feelings of frustration, isolation, and worry. Please reach out to us at 718.499.7701 or and ask for our Family Resource Program social worker. You are not alone on your caregiving journey!

Does NYMC offer support groups or educational programs for caregivers? Unfortunately, NYMC does not offer in-house caregiver support groups at this time. However, we can connect you with other community organizations who do. From time to time, NYMC hosts educational seminars on various topics that may be of interest to caregivers. Please check our website and follow our social media channels for announcements about upcoming events!

Can NYMC help me apply for Medicaid or other benefits, set up advance directives, or plan for long-term care needs? Yes. Our Family Resource Program is designed to support you with important questions and decisions about these concerns as well as others around caring for a loved one affected by memory loss. We are also connected with many other community organizations and can link you with them depending your needs.

Does NYMC have a social worker on staff? Yes. Our Executive Director, Audrey Swanson, is a licensed master social worker (LMSW). She holds her degree from Columbia University in 2012.

For more information, please reach out to us by phone at 718.499.7701 during business hours, via email at

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