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St. Patrick’s Day Poem — To a Pudding!

My favorite dish today?

Bread pudding, that’s the best!

Yummy, moist and ummmmm delicious!

If bread pudding were an animal?

You tiger, why you have to be so good?

Yes, butter can be a food group, why do you ask?

If bread pudding were a famous person?

It would be warm and comforting- Mr. Rogers!

For me bread pudding would be Captain Kangaroo!

I would say, “Hey, Captain, how are you?’

Are you smuggling in whisky? Good Irish whisky?

None of this crap you sell in the U.S.

I don’t drink whisky, but you can put a drop on your tongue.

Now get on your little horse and ride!

My favorite is the Irish Cheddar.

If I could speak to the cheese, I would say, “You stink!”

Fig jelly, get in my belly; I’m higher on the food chain.

Did you see the chocolate cake? I closed my eyes.

Not today Satan!

Bread pudding is warm as love.

If bread pudding were a famous person?

It would have to be our heavenly father, the most famous of all.

The bread pudding is off the chain!

Um, um, um, um, um… It bread pudding were a song,

“I give my self away, so you can use me.”

I wake up, I’m a little sleepy today.

Please bring me chocolate cake in bed.

The bread pudding is the best I’ve had in years.

I liked the spicy goat cheese.

I would say, “Hey skateboarders, do you even know spicy goat cheese?”

Cold is good.

I like to make things. I would make with bread pudding,

a little bunny name Ira.

Delicious bread pudding, hey penny, hey penny, hey penny, hey!

Have a little crème fresh on your Irish soda bread!

Bread pudding today!


Irish fiddler Samantha Gillogly joined us for the Memory Arts Cafe St. Patrick's Day Party on March 16, 2019. Click on the photo or here to watch a short video from the party and hear her music.

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