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A safe haven for families in need

Memory Life Services offers an extensive array of physical, mental, and cognitive services suitable for those with middle to later stage Alzheimer’s disease. As illnesses progress, our program offers safe, supervised and supportive wellness center programming that is a haven for those battling Alzheimer’s and a needed daily respite for those charged with their care.

Program hours: 9 am to 3 pm
with transportation to and
from most neighborhoods.

See our May 2023 Newsletter and Activities Calendar

June Activities Calendar


A day at Memory Life Services includes:

  • Wheelchair accessible round-trip transport from most
    Brooklyn neighborhoods

  • Therapeutic Thematic Arts Programming (TTAP Method)

  • Exercise, physical therapy and occupational therapy
    support services

  • Music and other recreational activities (see our
    Artists-in-Residence page)

  • Group based cognitive training

  • A light breakfast and afternoon lunch

  • Assistance with ambulation, toileting, specialty meal
    preparation and feeding

  • Social interaction with staff, club members and volunteers


Story-telling sessions help spark memories, like this discussion about sports. Photo by Ruth Benn (Fall 2021)

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